Crop-Hail Policies

Wheat damaged by hail.jpg

Where hail is a frequent event, farmers often purchase crop-hail policies to protect high-yielding crops. These policies are private, not part of the Federal Crop Insurance Program.They are sold by private insurers and regulated by state insurance departments.  While often similarly structured, details of their coverage options and the premium rates vary from company to company.  There are a wide variety of options available, in order to meet the differing purposes of farmers.  One of the benefits of this policy type is that the farmer can select which field or fields will be protected; not all acres planted have to be included.  Crop-hail policies often have a low or even zero deductible.  Many farmers purchase crop-hail coverage as a supplement to MPCI.  Unlike MPCI, crop-hail insurance can be purchased at almost any point in the growing season.

We will search for the hail policy that is most economical while still meeting your requirements.