Mobile/Trailer Home

Mobile home insurance policies provide two basic kinds of coverage: physical damage and personal liability. You can choose from several options to meet your needs, lifestyle and your budget.

Physical Damage

Physical damage coverage pays for accidental damage to your mobile home, belongings, or other structures (such as attached patios or decks, garages or storage sheds) resulting from fire, hail, wind, theft and vandalism, or falling objects.  The amount and degree of coverage varies from one policy to another, so make sure to compare policies carefully.

Generally, coverage under a regular policy doesn’t apply while the mobile home is in transit.  Also, like regular homeowners insurance, flood is not generally covered, so be sure to find out whether you are in a flood zone and can purchase flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program.


Personal Liability Coverage

While the limits vary, the basics of liability coverage is the same as with a standard homeowners policy.  We can go through the optional levels of coverage, and determine what meets your needs.