Monthly Educational Focus


Quality Loss Option

   The Quality Loss Option (QL) provides a new means of adjusting quality losses so that they will not lower your APH (actual production history) and therefore lower the coverage level on your MPCI policy.  When elected, this option allows growers to replace post-quality loss production with the pre-quality loss production for any year that they filed a notice of loss that was quality related.  The QL options may apply even if you did not qualify for an indemnity payment for that crop year. 


Quality Loss Option must be elected by the sales closing for Spring crops that will be March 15th.  

There is no specific fee associated with this option.  Increased premium only results if the growers' pre-quality loss production numbers increase their over-all APH and coverage level. 

Please call before Sales Closing if you would like to select this option for your MPCI policy.